You should suspect a hearing loss if you...

  • feel growing nervous tension, irritability, or fatigue from the effort to hear.
  • are inclined to believe that "everybody mumbles" or "people don’t speak as clearly as they used to."
  • find yourself straining to understand conversations in social settings or at work.
  • find yourself watching people's faces intently when you are listening.
  • have diabetes, heart, thyroid, circulation problems or a family history of hearing loss.
  • have reoccurring ear infections, constant ringing in the ears, or dizziness.

There are many other indicators of possible hearing loss.  The list above provides examples of the most common signs.

At Professional Hearing Services, we provide a full range of audiological tests, evaluations and services. The only effective way to determine if you have significant hearing loss is to have your hearing tested at regular intervals.  This ensures that even small changes can be detected and steps can be taken to reduce the risk of further deterioration to your hearing. Our services include:

  • Comprehensive audiological evaluations including tests of hearing sensitivity, speech understanding, middle ear function, inner ear and auditory nerve function.
  • Diagnostic tests for balance/dizziness disorders.
  • Auditory processing evaluations for children and adults.
  • Design, selection and fitting of hearing instruments and/or assistive listening devices.
  • Design, selection, installation and monitoring of classroom amplification systems.
  • Hearing conservation programs for industry.
  • Rehabilitation therapy for hearing disorders which might include strategies to improve aided and unaided hearing, speech-reading (including lip- reading) and sign language.
  • Rehabilitation for auditory processing disorders.
  • Rehabilitation for vestibular (balance) disorders

The only precise way to determine if you have a hearing loss is to have your hearing evaluated. Schedule a free hearing evaluation today to protect one of your most valuable senses!

Our Services

  • Consultations and hearing tests with Registered Audiologists
  • Hearing Aids and Assistive Listening Devices
  • Prescriptions, Ear Plugs, and Repairs
  • Free cleaning and hearing aid checks
  • Central Auditory Processing for children aged 5 and up
  • ADP, DVA, WSIB, and insurance coverage accepted